Improve your wii graphics & sound w/o tweaks!

Ever wanted to improve your wii’s graphics/sound without having to take it apart and replace graphics/sound drivers?
Well…yesterday, a student developer at The Voulenteer Nintendo Juniors Club discovered just that! By simply going to Wii Options you can detect different graphics/sound drivers located in your Wii. Heres how!

1. Get the latest Wii Update

2. Go to your wii menu (You can do this by: Home > Wii options)

3. Select “Import Devices” from the wii options menu

Then simply wait for the process to complete and then restart the system. Now go back to your Import menu and select “ATI Radeon™ HD 3000” from the menu. Then restart the system. Repeat step 4 (You just read it) But select “Dolby Stereo Surround Sound x2150” From the menu. Restart your Wii and there you have it!



~ by h3r3tic1506 on May 7, 2008.

19 Responses to “Improve your wii graphics & sound w/o tweaks!”

  1. Very nice! Now im enjoying HD graphics on my New wii!

  2. My wii doesn’t have an “import devices” option and I did the wii system update like it said

  3. I updated it but I cannot find the “import devices” option, I went to wii options in bottom left corner but connot find the import devices….. Help please 🙂

  4. huh? import devices? where does it say that??

  5. I got the latest update and ther was no import devices in the wii options menu.


  7. there isnt an import devices button but if there is, where?

  8. Where did you find an import devices button? There isn’t one in my wii options menu and there doesn’t seem to be one on anybody elses. Please respond because this seems like something that would be really cool and would make my wii not look like crap on my HDTV.

  9. the import devices button is on his mums vagina
    its a fake man

  10. yall got tricked into updating your wii

  11. You’all got schooled big time.

  12. This site is a waste of time

  13. wasteeeeemann

  14. Fail Gayass

  15. LOL. You guys got tricked into updating, say goodbye to software mods, homebrew channel and free copied games and hello to the latest version of wii menu screen interface.

  16. Where on earth is the ‘import devices’ option on wii options menu?

  17. where is import divices exactly????

  18. i’ve found only radeon hd6990 for video :))

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